Tuesday, January 5, 2010

WHERE DID IT GO??? The ORIGINAL Clariol Herbal Essences Shampoo!

** FOUND** You can find this shampoo at the Vermont Country Store.

Oh where, Oh where did this wonderful shampoo go?

Oh where, Oh where could it be?

.....Special prize to whoever can tell me where to find this.


Lizzy said...

Oh! that shampoo...well, now there's another kind of herbal essences, I mean with other smell, not that one you show, I remember it smells so good!...but you're right...I haven't seen it in long time!

Di said...

Yay! I'm so glad someone else remembers the shampoo... I LOVED it and remember buying it thinking I should just keep a bunch of bottles of it just in case, but I forgot! ahh! I don't really like the new line of products, so I'm hoping they bring the original back! ;)

nitramnaed said...

You can get it at "The Vermont Country Store".


Among other old favorites.

Di said...

Ah, thank you nitramnaed... Vermont is a swell place. :)

Buy Generic Viagra said...

well I tell you where it is this shampoo, is in the desk of one of the sponsors of the company, as a good sourvenir, just a memory, easy if you can sell more expensive with a low quality product, you do it, that happen with the original.

RIO said...

Unfortunately, Vermont Country Store is not selling it anymore... It was actually THEIR version of the old vintage Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo. It smelled IDENTICAL to the old one. My Mom used the vintage one, and I remember how good it smelled. Now I am back on the hunt for it again.

Anonymous said...

Dollar Tree carries a Softsoap body wash called Fresh Aloe Fragrance that smells a lot like the original Herbal Essence. Bought four bottles today :-)

Anonymous said...

Vanart green herbal shampoo at Walmart is identical to the original Herbal Essence Shampoo! And for under $2.
(Even better than the Vermont Country Store's version.)
from Claudia