Monday, October 10, 2011

Bright And Cheery Retro Fans!

The Superior Electric Company A.K.A "SuperElectric" unfortunately stopped production in the 1960s, but luckily they left behind some cool bright cheery merch!  This desk fan was probably picked up at a Sears in the mid-60s.  SuperElectric sold various appliances such as toasters, waffle irons, percolators and of course, FANS!

This fan was in dire need of a sprucing up...but now it looks almost new!  The turquoise could brighten up anyone's day!

I will be on the lookout for photos of some old SuperElectric merch.  If you're a lover of vintage fans, prepare to be delighted:








...Until next time.....

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shirley Temple And Other Classic Halloween Inspiration!

As a lifelong Shirley Temple fan, obviously I dressed up as her for Halloween one year.   I think it's an excellent idea- so here is some inspiration and tips:

In order for people to REALLY know you're Shirley, you must first need to wear a replica of a dress similar to the one she wore in her film, Stand Up And Cheer.

I wasn't able to find a clear colorized photo, but the dots and ribbon are red.  :)  You will also need some white shoes.

Of course, any Shirley costume would not be complete without a head of curls!  56 pin curls to be exact!  Don't forget Shirley's trademark curl on her forehead!  *Shirley Temple Trivia* - This curl became a trademark by accident DUE to an accident- Shirley accidentally fell outside on a brick walkway and cut her forehead open just before an audition!  Her mother covered up the cut up with a sweet curl! :)

Here's a black and white clip from the film:

Halloweeny Shirley photo!

If you're not crazy about being Shirley, perhaps you could take some inspiration from this photo of a grown up Shirley from 1948 wearing a lovely blonde wig and 18th century costume:

Now that we've covered Shirley, here are some cool classic Halloween photos for your Halloween enjoyment!  

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

No matter how old I get, no matter where life takes me, if I have little girls of my own or not, one thing will never change:  I LOVE SHIRLEY TEMPLE BLACK!  I love the films she made and her ability to turn a lot of people's attitudes around in time of despair.  I admire her courage as a woman to step up and get into the political ball game and fight for what she believed in (and still does). Shirley's survival of breast cancer is also incredibly inspiring- as was her bravery to put it out there when it happened.  Finally, I admire her diligence in everything she put her mind to.  I will always look up to Shirley Temple Black.  "Now And Forever."

<3 much love to you, Shirley