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The Goldwyn Girls were Samuel Goldwyn's (OF MGM) answer to the Ziegfeld Girls.  They appeared from films from 1932 to 1955.  Click here for a nice list of the girls and the films they appeared in.




SANDRA WARNER, former Goldwyn Girl, played one of the girl band members in the film, Some Like It Hot, staring Marilyn Monroe.  For whatever reason, Sandra had to stand in for Marilyn in some publicity shots:

Sandra In The Film:


Goldwyn Girl Linda Christian was also the First Bond Girl!

Other famous actresses who were Goldwyn girls?  Lucille Ball, Paulette Goddars, Ann Sothern, Jane Wyman, Virginia Bruce, Virginia Grey, Virginia Mayo and.......

Betty Grable.


(The Goldwyn Girls with Elenor Roosevelt, 1946).

(Samuel Goldwyn looking on)

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Great Hollywood Costume Designer Edith Head....

Gives us FASHION TIPS!...  

1. The line of the dress is the most important.

2.  waistlines shouldn't be pushed too low.

3.  Gloves are great!  Short gloves in white or black for daytime.  Long ones for night.

4.  Two sets of pockets on everything looks fantastic.

5.  Own a full length mirror to better judge how to dress your body.

6.  Well contrasted colors to pull your outfit together.

7.  Do not carry a very large handbag or purse.  A smaller handbag or purse looks much nicer.

**I would very much trust these tips from Edith.  After all, she won 8 oscars and nominated for 35! :)

 Edith dressed Hollywood royalty such as Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and Natalie Wood.

This is my favorite Edith Head design- As worn by Elizabeth Taylor in A Place In The Sun. 

**The tips above were as given my Edith Head in the book, Hollywood in the 1940s: The Stars' Own Stories.

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1950s Hollywood Dancer's Tips On How To Stay Energized - Featuring Vera-Ellen!

How did dancing legend Vera-Ellen stay so energized?  How do dancers keep their energy up?  Or you may ask yourself, "How can I keep my energy up?" "How do dancers stay so thin?"  Vera-Ellen tells us exactly how she does it!!!

1.  Perfect Your Posture.  How to perfect your posture?  "I find once you get the feeling of the upward pull of your muscles rather than a slump you'll feel and look so much better- you'll try to keep good posture," Vera Ellen explains.

2.  Limbering And Stretching.  Vera-Ellen explains the importance of stretching.  "Everyone should first do some sort of limbering and stretching.  You don't want to work cold muscles."

3.  Health Food.  Vera-Ellen explains the foods she eats for good health and high energy:   "I have always eaten what is called health food.  We never serve white flour but use whole gain - and instead of white sugar we use honey...with fresh fruit it makes a delicious dessert." 

4.  Rest.  How to maximize your rest?  "The quickest way for me to relax is to lie with my feet higher than my head.  It's very good for circulation to send the blood to your head and this position with your spine straight helps to rest your back and put your organs back into place."  

5.  Find An Exercise Routine That Works For You.  Vera-Ellen was a busy busy person and she liked it that way.  On an average day, Vera would have a dancing lesson in the morning, swim a hundred laps in the swimming pool, and then more and more dancing, even into the night she'd head out on the town.  "I work to keep my energy.  I can keep this up until sunrise  I often go dancing at night when there's a good orchestra around." 

(via Los Angeles Times 1952 and Chicago Tribune 1953)

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Liz And Dick- Their Love And....Lindsay Lohan?

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton had a grand love affair.  They were married twice.

Insert Lindsay Lohan Interview Magazine 2006 by Karl Langerfeld:

Yes, folks, it is certain that Lindsay Lohan will indeed portray Elizabeth Taylor in a biopic titled "Liz And Dick" for Lifetime Television.  Do you think she has what it takes?  Lohan is reportedly taking the role extremely seriously saying, "I realize how important it is not to muck this up."

I am very much undecided on how I feel about this.

So, which other stars have channeled Elizabeth Taylor?  Here are a few...


Kate Winslet V Magazine September 2011 by Mario Testino

Kate Winslet channels Elizabeth Taylor:

Katy Perry Interview Magazine April 2012 by Mikael Jansson
Katy Perry channels Elizabeth Taylor:

Katy Perry Cleopatra Look Cover Of E.T. Single:

Perhaps the most impressive...

Winona Ryder Face Forward 2000 by Kevyn Aucoin

Winona Ryder channels Elizabeth Taylor:

Now, Elizabeth Taylor herself said she didn't want anyone to portray her on screen: Who can blame her?

I think I'm with Liz on this...    :)

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